What is Kazarikanagu?

Kazarikanagu is traditional Japanese metal fittings with delicate and gorgeous engraving.
It decorates temples, shrines, Buddhist altars, mikoshi (portable shrines), sword fittings, and so on.
It has a long history and was used even in the Horyu-ji Temple build more than 1400 years ago, which is the world’s oldest wooden building in existence.
Kazarikanagu provides the buildings not only high-quality decors but also reinforcement and protection for them.
It is made of copper and formed by cutting, knocking, bending, carving, and gilding to finish.

Hand work and machine work

We have been manufacturing traditional Japanese decorative metal fittings for more than 50 years here in Kyoto, Japan.
"KAZARINO" products are made using both traditional hand-carving techniques and mechanical works together.
We highly value the warm texture created by elaborate handwork.
By incorporating machine works into the tradition, we offer you stable and high-quality "KAZARINO" products.

The origin of the name “KAZARINO”

​Although Kazarikanagu has been cherished in Japanese culture throughout the ages, its usage has been limited.
Therefore, we decided to open up a new way while continuing the tradition of Kazarikanagu.
We will expand the possibilities of Kazarikanagu.
We will make people happy with the power of the "decoration" of Kazarikanagu.
We put this determination into our brand name, “錺之-KAZARINO-“.
The character for “錺(kazari)” means “decoration”, and “之(no)” means “go straight” or “reach”.
We put messages like "go straight toward the dream of making people happy with Kazarikanagu." and "carve out a new path for Kazarikanagu" into these characters.